Personal Agenda: Anoushka Shankar

Getting to know Anoushka Shankar better.

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Veenu Singh
Veenu Singh
Hindustan Times

What’s the longest you have ever practised the sitar at a stretch?

Ten-eleven hours a day.

Will you ever work in a Bollywood film?

No, I’m not that fond of acting.

The best thing about your father?

His humanity and also his sense of humour.

Are Indian men still mama’s boys?

Yes, they are.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you have been?

I’d have been a writer or dancer. Something artistic for sure.

The last line of your autobiography would read?

Hopefully something like ‘handling everything with integrity’.

The love of your life?

My husband Joe and my son Zubin.

What touches your heart the most?

When Zubin says Mama.


If you were the editor of a magazine, who would you put on the cover?

Some really talented but unknown female instrumentalists.

Describe a typical Sunday in your life.

Sunday starts with a walk to the flower market, then meeting friends in the afternoon, followed by a trip to a park with Zubin and then reading a good book at bedtime.

How many pairs of blue jeans do you have?


What spoils your day?

People being late.

You are closest to?

My girlfriends.

Where did you first meet your husband?

In Delhi at William Dalrymple’s house.

What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever given your husband?

I told him I was pregnant!

When was your last bad hair day?

In Thailand recently. I was waiting to catch a ferry when we got caught in a bad storm.

If you could invite five people to dinner – living or dead – who would they be?

(Rabindranath) Tagore, Amitav Ghosh, Ninette de Valois (the ballet dancer), my husband Joe and Nitin Soni.

The sexiest man alive?


A food you hate?

As a kid I hated aubergines and karela. I now like aubergines, but I still can’t eat karela.BeyonceIf you could peep into someone’s house, whose house would it be?

Beyonce. To check what exactly she is like when she is at home

What makes your day?
A good cup of tea

Your favourite Bollywood singer/music director?
Shankar Mahadevan and Sunidhi Chauhan are great singers. I love both of them.

What could you live in?

Sun sign

June 9

Currently doing
After the VH1 Handpicked tour for my album Traveller in India, promoting the album in the USA

San Dieguito Academy, California, USA. I chose music over college

First break
Signed my first record contract with Angel Records at 16

High point of your life
Learning sitar from my father

Low point
Just before the birth of my son Zubin, I had to make some difficult changes in my life

Currently doing
After the VH1 Handpicked tour for my album Traveller in India, promoting the album in the USA

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First Published: Feb 18, 2012 18:54 IST