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Soon, an end to endless queues

Students, rejoice. Your days of queuing outside various Delhi University departments would be over very soon, reports Swaha Sahoo.
Hindustan Times | By Swaha Sahoo, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 21, 2009 11:06 PM IST

Swaha Sahoo New Delhi, May 21 Students, rejoice.

Your days of queuing outside various Delhi University departments would be over very soon.

The university is all set to digitise students’ lifecycle, from the time they apply for admission to the time they graduate.

“All information of a student’s time in college, starting from books issued, exams written, internal assessment and results will be available online for the studentand the university to access,” said a senior university official, preferring not to be quoted.

Once in place, the process would make life much easier for students, who spend a lot of time queuing up to retrieve information from university offices.

“Today, a student has to stand in queue for issuing library books, clearing dues, getting mark sheets and for every other administrative work,” said the university official.

“With enterprise resource planning, we will automate the whole process and save everybody a lot of time.” The university has already floated global tender and received responses from companies including Infosys, Whipro, TCS and HCL.

“We will begin next year with around 12,000 postgraduate students. Once the system is in place, we will move to undergraduate students,” he said. In the long run, the online system would also include information on alumni and teachers.

“If a student wants a copy of his final mark sheet five years after passing out, he just has to log in with his unique serial number and access the data,” the official said.

“He need not come physically to the university.” The system would streamline the administrative process for students, said vice chancellor Deepak Pental.

“The idea is to automate a student's life cycle so that it is one smooth process, minus the harassment of running to different departments for transcripts and paperwork,” said Pental.

“However, we are still working out the fine points such as how much information to be put online and who should manage it.”

A committee headed by Dinesh Singh, Director (South Campus) is looking into the project. “One of our biggest challenges in improving the networking capacity of the university. Since so much data has to be uploaded and accessed online we will need much more bandwidth than we have at present,” said a committee member, on conditions of anonymity.

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