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Oye lucky! Lucky oye!

TV actors on lucky charms they never part with — even while shooting.
Hindustan Times | By Navdeep Kaur Marwah, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 04, 2011 12:33 AM IST

TV actors on lucky charms they never part with — even while shooting.

Sara Khan
My necklace that has a diamond-studded ‘S’ pendant is lucky for me. I bought it two years back and I never part with it. My screen name in my show Ram Milaayi Jodi is Mona, so I couldn’t wear the letter ‘S’. I refused to take it off and turned the pendant around so that it doesn’t show.

Shweta Gulati
I always carry a copy of Hanuman Chalisa in my bag. No matter how much I switch my handbags, the pious book is always with me. The reason being that I feel that its presence gives me lot of peace, happiness and above all security. Whenever I feel low, I think about it and feel at peace.

Sanjeeda Sheikh
My lucky charm is a 25 paise coin given to me by my grandmother when I was a child. When she handed the coin to me, I kept it in my piggy bank and never spent it. As I grew up, I started keeping it in my purse so that it always remains close to me. I have blind faith in it and can never part with it.

Hussain Kuwajerwala
When I was a teenager, my mom had gifted me a paper which has an Arabic religious literature written on it . I consider it very lucky and have kept it in my wallet. I attribute a lot of my success to this charm.

Roshni Chopra
I have a lucky pen which I feel brings luck in my life, especially in my career. The pen was gifted to me by my dad when I was leaving for England for higher studies. I always carry that pen in my bag and have signed all my contracts with it. Then, there is a particular perfume by Emilio Pucci that I use when I go out on special occasions.

Karan Mehra
My girlfriend Nisha Rawal gifted me a gold chain around three years back. I haven’t parted with it since then even while shooting as I think it brings good luck in my life.

Sai Deodhar Anand
I consider my wedding ring to be my lucky charms. It’s been six years and I thinks it has brought lot of luck and prosperity.

Rashmi Desai
My lucky charm is a gold ring gifted by my grandmother. She gifted me when I had passed my 10th board exams and since then I am wearing that continuously, which ever audition I go for or whenever I have to perform I make sure I am wearing that ring.

Tina Darira Kuwajerwala
I have a blue anklet that I consider very lucky for me. Believe it or not, I have been wearing it since the Nach baliye dance. I think it has brought lot of good luck in my life.

Nandish Sandhu
For many people lucky charm is something materialistic. But for me my lucky charm was and still is my grandfather. Though he is no more alive as he passed away 4-5 years back but I still consider him very lucky for me. Since childhood and even today I have never done anything without his blessings. Even when I went for the audition of Uttaran, I first prayed to him and seeked his blessings.

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