Airport bomb hoax not the first con Bengaluru techie pulled
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Airport bomb hoax not the first con Bengaluru techie pulled

Two-timing techie MG Gokul adopted several identities and resorted to elaborate hoaxes while implementing his plan to allegedly murder his wife and to get rid of his lover’s husband.

india Updated: Sep 09, 2015 12:50 IST
Sudipto Mondal
Sudipto Mondal
Hindustan Times

Two-timing techie MG Gokul adopted several identities and resorted to elaborate hoaxes while implementing his plan to allegedly murder his wife and to get rid of his lover’s husband.

Gokul, 34, posed as a ‘baba’ or spiritual guru, an astrologer and an archbishop as he sought to uncover his wife Anuradha’s extra-marital affair and get rid of her so that he could reunite with his lover from his high school days.

The bizarre case has gripped the imagination of residents of Bengaluru since Gokul was arrested after making hoax calls and sending WhatsApp messages about a bomb scare at Delhi and Bengaluru airports that resulted in the grounding of several international flights.

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Here are more details of the elaborate crime allegedly plotted by Gokul.

2002-2007: Gokul meets his lover in high school and they fall in love. The relationship lasts for five years until they finish their engineering course in 2007. Gokul moves to Delhi and she to Thiruchirapally.

2009-2011: Both Gokul and his lover fall in love with different people and get married. Trouble starts brewing for Gokul within the first year of his marriage. By 2011, he is convinced his wife is having an affair. Around this time, he discovers his lover on Facebook. She has had two children by then and her marriage too is on the rocks. His lover doesn't resist his advances and both of them confess to still having feelings for each other.

2011: Desperate for a way out of his marriage, Gokul allegedly comes up an elaborate plan. He gets a phone number using fake documents and approaches his wife Anuradha in January of that year as a godman from the Shirdi Saibaba sect. He gains her trust and starts getting her to confide in him. She confesses to having an affair with one of her students at an institute in Delhi where she teaches. Posing as the godman, Gokul manages to wean Anuradha away from her lover by August 2011 only to discover three months later she is back with her student.

Early 2011: Gokul again gets a new phone number and approaches his wife, this time as a female spiritual guide and astrologer. He is determined to get evidence of her affair this time. He works on gaining her trust for two years.

Early 2013: Posing as the astrologer and guide, Gokul tells Anuradha to pose nude for a photograph with her lover and promises to perform a ‘puja’ that will make her husband a zombie. He tells Anuradha that after the puja her husband will not be able to do anything to her even if she has sex with her lover in front of him. Anuradha again falls for the hoax and books a hotel room where she shoots nude photos of herself with her lover. Gokul presents this evidence to his father-in-law, a retired deputy superintendent of police. From this point, he gains the unquestioning trust of his father-in-law.

2014: Gokul gets himself transferred from Delhi to Bengaluru where his lover is staying. He moves in with his wife and daughter to the same apartment complex where his lover lives. From here on, he puts together the final stage of his plan.

2015: He gets two more mobile numbers. With one, he approaches his lover posing as a church minister. He slowly starts convincing her to divorce her husband. With the other number, he starts contacting his lover’s husband and poses as an Islamic State militant. He repeatedly threatens to abduct and kill the lover’s husband.

2015: On June 27, he again approaches his wife posing as the astrologer and guide. He asks her to consume copious amounts of alcohol, saying she has to be inebriated for a special puja that will unite her with her lover while remaining within the marriage with Gokul. That night, he allegedly kills his wife by hitting her thrice on the head with a metal idol of Ganesha.

- Although he is the prime suspect in the case, police are forced to let Gokul go after his father-in-law testified to his innocence. Despite forensic evidence showing Anuradha was struck with a blunt object, police moved to close the case as a suicide.

- Gokul then turned his attention to his lover and started plotting to get her husband out of the way. In addition to posing as a Christian priest to send messages on WhatsApp, Gokul starts sending his lover letters by posing as by a senior church official, asking her to divorce her husband.

- The threatening calls Gokul allegedly made to his lover’s husband and the letters he wrote to the lover in the name of the priest were having little impact.

- Gokul then decides to fix his lover’s husband in a police case. It is not clear if his lover assisted him in this, but Gokul got hold of her husband's personal documents such as a PAN card, passport and marks sheets. Using photocopies of these, he got a mobile number in the name of his lover’s husband.

- On Saturday, Gokul allegedly made calls from this number to Delhi and Bengaluru airports, posing as an IS terrorist and telling officials that there are bombs on board six international flights.

- As he expected, police first caught his lover’s husband for the crime.

- What Gokul hadn't bargained for was that police would check the locations of the mobile towers from which the calls were connected. The location of the towers and that of his lover’s husband did not match. Besides, a check of the husband’s background ruled out any possibility of his being an IS terrorist.

- This is when police caught on to a major error Gokul had made. Perhaps out of a surging sense of achievement, Gokul had called his lover from the same number he allegedly used to make the bomb calls. When police questioned her, the lover revealed it was Gokul who made the call from that number. The game was up!

First Published: Sep 08, 2015 15:45 IST