Dengue strikes back with vengeance

After a brief lull, 79 fresh cases were reported in the Capital, while two more people lost their lives to the disease.

india Updated: Oct 27, 2006 13:48 IST

After a short-lived respite, dengue cases shot up in the Capital with 79 patients being admitted to various hospitals across the city.

The disease also claimed two more lives, taking the toll to 54.

"Two persons have died in the last 24 hours ending 11:00 am," Municipal Health Officer NK Yadav said.

With 79 fresh cases reported across the capital, the total number of people affected by the viral disease this year has risen to 2,373.

A dip in temperatures over the past few days had raised hopes of subsidence of the mosquito-borne disease and the Capital had seen a considerable decrease in the number of dengue cases during the Diwali weekend.

Night time temperatures hovered around 16 degree Celsius over the past week while the mercury touched a maximum of 32 degree during the day.

Experts said that the drop in temperature will lead to a gradual natural death for the dengue virus. However, the daytime temperatures of around 30 degree would still aid breeding of the dengue-causing Aedes Aegypti mosquito, they said.

The minimum temperature this morning was 17.4 degree Celsius.

Delhi Health Secretary DS Negi said there was nothing unusual about the increase in dengue cases.

"We have seen a spurt in dengue cases in October when weather conditions are apt for breeding of mosquitoes," he said.

First Published: Oct 27, 2006 13:48 IST