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It's been a dream come true: Kobe Bryant

It's been a dream come true so far. I still feel like I am dreaming, hopefully I am going to wake up to win the series, says Kobe Bryant on the NBA win.

india Updated: Jun 26, 2009 18:17 IST

Q) You've had a great season from the Olympics to All Stars weekend & now you've just been having a great season.
A) You know, it's been a dream come true so far. I still feel like I am dreaming, hopefully I am going to wake up to win the series.

Q) What does playing in the NBA mean for you & the fact that you are a global icon, it's not just fans here but all across the world who cheer you on when you are playing.

A) You know, it's funny because as a kid growing up I started playing basketball when I was 2 years old. You just play because you love the game & as you grow older you see all the other fortunate things that come along with it, from being known globally and then being able to impact people in a positive way all over the world - it's pretty cool.

Q) When you were growing up who were your icon players you looked up to, players you wanted to be like?
A) My favorite player was my father, my father played basketball, so he's the one I looked up to & then watching Magic Johnson, Michael Jordon, Larry Bird & all these guys and trying to analyse them that was pretty fun.

Q) When we talk of India what comes to your mind?
A) I am not sure - cricket. I am still trying to learn the rules. That's the sport I am pretty interested in.

Q) Would you at any point like to visit India to hold a clinic?
A) I would love to. We've been trying to work something out. Last summer was a little busy with the Olympics. We are trying to work something out.

Q) When Kobe Bryant doesn't play basketball, what does he do?
A) I love going to the movies. I love bungee jumping. I am a pretty adventurous guy.

Q) Favorite actor. Favorite movie
A) Actor - Denziel Washington
Actress - Hillary Swank

Q) What is the song Bryant listens to get charged up before his game?
A) My favorite artist is Little Wayne.

Q) Is there any message for India?
A) Hope to see you soon. Keep following us. Hopefully we will win the Championship this year. I would love to come there & cheer with you.

Interview with Karim Abdul Jabbar:

Q) How has the game changed?
A) The game has not changed at all...only change is the international attention it is getting now.

Q) Would you like to play now?
A) I enjoyed when I played...that was the golden age of the game ... but salaries that get paid today are good ... it's too bad we couldn't get that much.

Q) Favorite moment?
A) Beating Boston in 1985, personally - my children.

Q) Your children play ball?
A) Oldest son played but did not make it to the NBA.

Q) Among current players whose style of playing resembles u the most?
A) Don't see many people who play the game the way I did...there are great players but none similar to me.

Q) Your idol?
A) Bill Russell, Wilt chamberlain.

Q) Any current favorite players?
A) Dwanye Wade and Tim Duncan.

Q) Do you do yoga?
A) I read about Sripramnahas Yognath .. I wanted to learn that discipline after reading about him.

Q) Did yoga help your career?
A) Yoga helped my career.

Q) Your view on the role of coaching in Basketball?
A) Coaching is very important so that the team is well prepared, Hours before the game you make sure your team is prepared and then during the game you can make adjustments; so good coaching is an asset.

Q) What would Karim Abdul Jabbar be if not a basket ball player?
A) I would end up writing about history.

Q) What is it that you like to do after retirement?
A) I enjoy reading, continually curious.

Q) Your comments on NBA growing as a Global Phenomenon?
A) NBA has done a great job by bringing the game to the world, the world has responded positively and that is a great achievement

Q) Any other sports you follow
A) Baseball, my favorite team - Dodgers

First Published: Jun 26, 2009 18:09 IST