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Pure water to drink

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
May 11, 2004 11:29 AM IST

Water can be impressed easily with spiritually charged vibrations. Let us, from now onwards, only take in water that fulfills the conditions for purity.

Drinking water, in its unadulterated state, is hard to find in most parts of the world. Even the so-called developed world has been drinking water, which has been inundated with chemicals. These chemicals, which are mainly industrial effluents, are treated with further chemicals, in a vain attempt to purify it.

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As with all other experiments, it is now the turn of humans to realize that water, that vital fluid of which our bodies are constituted, must be consumed in its pure form, if it is to give us the health benefits that we deserve. And yet, we have not looked sincerely at Nature's own method of distillation of water through the Hydrologic Cycle. This is Nature's way of purifying water, in an eternally revolving cycle of evaporation, and condensation into rain or snow.

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At any given moment, the earth's atmosphere contains 4000 cubic miles of water, which is just 0.000012% the 344 cubic million miles of water on Earth. Nature maintains this ratio, irrespective of man's interference, by accelerating or retarding its rates of heating and cooling, to perform evaporation and condensation respectively. The wholesomeness and deliciousness of this condensed state of water is a marvel to behold. In fact, all of us are familiar with the strangely revivifying effects of pure spring water, or mountain water, fed by the snows melting in the upper reaches.

The importance of ingesting pure water, uncontaminated by purifying chemicals, cannot be overstated, as every drop that we take in will leave behind traces of these chemicals. As we move into the Age of Enlightenment, it is imperative that we are very careful of everything that we take into our bodies. Our bodies have to turn into bodies of Light through accelerated states of spiritual and physical vibration of every cell.

As we already know, water can be impressed very easily with spiritually charged vibrations. Let us decide, that from now onwards, we will only take in water that fulfills the conditions for purity. It is the elixir of life, and before we take it into our bodies we must 'charge' it with Light.

Hold the glass of water, with both hands, before you, and ask for the Higher Forces (God) to 'charge' this water with purity and perfection, so that it can cause only perfect health in your cells. Focus your intent powerfully into this prayer. Visualize a violet and golden glow envelop the water, consuming all unnecessary and harmful substance in it.

In fact, I recommend that this simple exercise be performed with all liquids that you ingest, whether it is hard liquor, or juice or coffee, and you will never have to worry about water borne diseases ever again.

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