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The flying stars

PTI | ByAshish Agarwal
May 10, 2004 12:39 PM IST

By giving you a detailed analysis of the flying stars of each month, Feng Shui expert Ashish Agarwal cautions you against coming dangers in 2004.

By giving you a detailed analysis of the flying stars of each month I caution you against any coming dangers. The flying stars are symbolised by numbers/stars 1 to 9. The stars that often cause trouble are 2, 3 and 5. While 2 symbolises sickness, 3 represents conflict, anger and robbery and 5 brings obstacles. These stars change their position yearly, monthly and even daily. When there is a collection of negative stars in an important area of our house or office such as bedroom, entrances and cabins, troubles will occur. So, it is necessary to learn the position of these three stars so that we can accordingly take remedial actions to minimise their bad effects. Also, make a detailed report of your house marking how your important areas cover each direction.

Here are the flying stars for 2004:

HT Image
HT Image

The 5 Yellow
The element of 5 yellow is earth, and this year it resides in the centre of the premises. This represents obstacles and is considered to be a serious affliction of the year. Therefore, when we know where the 5 yellow is residing, we must not undertake any renovations, play loud music, cut and chop trees, nor attempt any kind of digging. Do not activate this area with loud noises, keep quiet and avoid building work at all costs.

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To cure its effects, place a gold coloured Wu Lou and a six rod, all metal wind chime with six Chinese coins tied in knot in the centre of the house. Also place round shape metal decorative objects to dissolve the star’s negative influence especially during the months of April, July, August, November and January 2005. Do not place red objects, bright lights or red coloured furnishings in this sector. Make sure there are no red items, bright lights or burning candles in this area. If your bathroom, guest room or a large cupboard is located here, then this will be good for you this year — since these areas are not used much, the negative powers will not get activated.

To further enhance the positive energies, perform a salt water cure in this area. The method is: take a jar, fill it with sea salt uptill ¾, add water to it but don’t fill it to the brim. Next put six good dynasty Chinese coins in it. Make sure you keep the jar at a place where nobody disturbs it and add water to it whenever necessary.

At the end of the year, close the lid and throw the jar away.

3 Jade Green

3 represents conflict, anger and robbery and is located in the east. Its element is big wood that represents the young son. The star causes arguments and legal problems, so avoid keeping any important documents in the east this year. To cure its effects use red decorative objects (a red dragon or a dragon turtle or a laughing buddha) apart from lamps and lights. A nice simple cure is a red floor mat or a table lamp with a red shade.

Make sure that you do not use metal to control this energy for it will aggravate and magnify its negative influence. If your main door is in the east, try to avoid using it and place a red floor mat there and leave a hall or outside light on. This will weaken the #3. Use colours like red, pink, purple or orange to weaken the power of 3. Keep the area quiet, close windows and doors and do not have metal ornaments or an indoor water feature here. Further, to enhance the positive energies, either keep a light on or put nine red candles in this direction.

The author is a master practitioner of Feng Shui and can be contacted

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