Naturopathy treatment for Diabetes

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Oct 31, 2022 06:37 PM IST

For people who have diabetes and need a lot of self-management, here's how Naturopathy treatment works to improve your health instead of just going to the doctor and getting medication

The goal of naturopathic medicine is to identify and treat the underlying cause of a patient's illness to encourage their body's healing process. For people who have diabetes and need a lot of self-management, Naturopathy encourages you to be independent where you get to actively choose daily actions that will improve your health instead of just going to the doctor and getting medication.

Naturopathy treatment for Diabetes (Nataliya Vaitkevich)
Naturopathy treatment for Diabetes (Nataliya Vaitkevich)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr K Shanmugham, Assistant Chief Medical Officer at Jindal Naturecure Institute, shared, “If you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to avoid taking more medications and, depending on your blood sugar levels, medication has importance; however, diabetic medications do not cure diabetes. Lifestyle changes are the only thing that can stop and maybe stop the disease from progressing.”

He added, “Diabetes and high blood sugar levels are both related to vitamin deficits. Magnesium and chromium deficits are a couple of the significant micronutrient deficiencies. The proper levels of chromium can significantly aid the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. It might enhance the effects of insulin, helping to control blood sugar. Whole grain products, seasonal vegetables, fruits and nuts are some foods high in these two micronutrients.”

According to Neelam Ali, Dietician, Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences, "Given the variety of illnesses that diabetes can cause over time, it is now more prevalent and frequently referred to as a "Killer Disease." Other than synthetic drugs naturopathy for diabetes is getting more and more popular as an alternative treatment option."

She explained, "Our lifestyle and sugar content in food may be considered culprits, though genetic factors also play an equivalent role. At least 50% of the population in India does not eat even one vegetable a day. Worse, only 11% of them eat at least one fruit a day." Some of the items that need to be included in the diet as per Naturopathy treatment are the use of Cinnamon, Fenugreek, Blueberry Leaf, Rose Geranium, and Rose Geranium for better results."

Bringing her expertise to the same, Neha Pathania, Chief Dietician at Paras Hospital in Gurugram, highlighted, "Diet plays a very crucial role in controlling diabetes. Do pick nutrition-rich food that can help contribute to gaining the required vitamins, minerals, and fibers required by your body. Foods that include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are perfect to enhance your diet carefully which automatically leads to less dependency on medicines. Being active every day will prepare your body to manage diabetes by being more sensitive towards insulin and thereby using sugar for energy". Regular exercising comes with many benefits like a healthy heart and maintaining blood pressure. It energizes the body and spreads freshness that lasts throughout the day. It is always better to stay active rather than create space for laziness. Especially when you are suffering from any disease, stepping out can be the best thing to do."

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