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Wellness experts claim alternative healing can work when medical science doesn't

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Feb 24, 2022 02:28 PM IST

Here's how holistic wellness and alternative healing can work when medical science does not, as revealed by the experts

Experts assert that holistic wellness is the key to good health and can bring out our healthiest and happiest version while alternative healing can work when medical science does not. Even health care providers, who treat patients coping with cancer, are looking at new ways to help them with physiological and emotional wellbeing therapy and spiritual concerns. 

Wellness experts claim alternative healing can work when medical science doesn't (Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash)
Wellness experts claim alternative healing can work when medical science doesn't (Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash)

Highlighting that holistic wellness delivers tangible results, even when the best of modern medical science falls short, Pritika Singh, CEO at Prayag Hospital in Noida, elaborated, “Holistic defines the concept of wellness as the synergy of a person's body with their mental, spiritual and social well-being. You must have noticed that when the body feels weak, tired and exhausted, the mind also deals with negative thoughts and ideas and when you feel physically fit, your mind also feels and functions better. That is the interdependence that holistic wellness works to keep going.”

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She added, “In holistic wellness, we treat the entire disease by adjusting your thoughts, eating habits, sleeping patterns, thinking patterns, stress management and everything else about your lifestyle. Holistic wellness goes beyond the body to achieve the unity of physical, mental and spiritual. One important thing to keep in mind is that the idea of holistic wellness is not a magic pill that will fix your condition within the blink of an eye. Like medical science, holistic wellness also takes time to show results. So, having patience and continuing with the process are the keys and if done right, we can see results that are no less than magic.”

Revealing that holistic wellness is also great when it comes to treating addict patients, Pritika Singh shared, "PUBG addicts, social media addicts, alcohol addicts, substance addicts, drug addicts and all other sorts of addict patients - holistic wellness can cure them all. The concept believes in finding the root cause of one's illness or addiction. In holistic wellness, we go in the roots of the thoughts, the incident and the trauma that happened in the individual's life and from there, we start the cleaning process which makes it possible to heal almost anything, even cancer.”

Echoing the same, Shaifila Ladhani, Lead Psychologist at Now&Me, explained, “Alternative methods are a great start to create systems of care. Therapy, coaching, medication are just the step one. For most people who come to therapy, a sense of belongingness and validation is a very significant part of believing in their diagnosis. We all need to feel held, cared for and believed in. When communities destigmatise mental health, is when these conversations are normalised. Holistic healing ensures we all heal and structured, subjective holistic wellness is the need of the hour.”

Given that our physical health is inter-dependent on both our emotional and mental well-being, with our environment playing a considerable role, nutritionist Lovneet Batra quipped that while traditional medicine considers health as eliminating disease or illness, holistic wellness takes a different approach. She revealed, “It strives to see the complete picture that includes your state of mind and the factors surrounding you. We've established that health is more than diet and exercise. Your lifestyle, thinking, general attitude and stress management are equally important.”

Lovneet added, “Through holistic wellness, we can heal people through alternative means. Medical science tends to look at diseases through a narrowed lens concentrated on eliminating the physical symptoms but with holistic wellness, we have a multi-faceted view. We can correct their lifestyle, thought patterns, sleeping habits and external environment to cure diseases at the root.”

Understanding that it is natural for patients dealing with long term health conditions like diabetes, heart disease or even cancer to get frustrated when they don’t see results using the tools that medical science offers, Lovneet offered, “Alternative healing can provide them with long term and sustainable solutions to their problems. Holistic wellness starts with educating patients about lifestyle changes to improve their health. It covers aspects like diet, exercise, psychotherapy, relationship and spiritual counselling. Holistic wellness can also accommodate complementary procedures like acupuncture, chiropractic practice, homoeopathy, massage therapy or naturopathy.”

The experts stressed that more people are now aware of health and immunity in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and with more people searching for ways to improve their well-being beyond traditional medical science, holistic methods may be the solution for them.

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