When Sonal Chauhan spilled her secret ‘to keep skin healthy'

  • Sonal Chauhan claims to be ‘no expert' in fitness and often makes mistakes but she doesn’t stop trying nor gives up and neither have we, ever since we came across her secret to maintaining a healthy skin
When Sonal Chauhan spilled her secret ‘to keep skin healthy'(Instagram/sonalchauhan)
When Sonal Chauhan spilled her secret ‘to keep skin healthy'(Instagram/sonalchauhan)
Updated on Sep 07, 2021 06:03 PM IST
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ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

After becoming the national crush in 2008 with her wonderful performance in the movie Jannat, opposite actor Emraan Hashmi, Bollywood diva Sonal Chauhan keeps fans hooked with her updates on social media. The actor not only gives steamy glimpses of her alluring photoshoots but also shares regular fitness tips along with the benefits of one holistic yoga pose or the other while simultaneously nailing them with effortless ease.

In an Instagram post earlier, Sonal was seen acing a complex Yoga pose called Matsyendrasana/Matsyendra or Lord of the Fishes Pose and spilled her secret “to keep skin healthy”. She wrote in the caption, “I often get asked about what I do to keep my skin healthy. Apart from STAYING AWAY FROM CHEMICALS, YOGA and BREATHING has really helped me maintain my skin (sic).”

Talking about Yoga's role in keeping her skin healthy, Sonal elaborated, “Yoga causes vasodilation (enlargement of the blood vessels), which leads to increased blood flow to the skin, providing it with more oxygen and nutrients, lending itself to a cutaneous flushing or 'glow' (sic).”

She added, “Getting in more oxygen through controlled BREATHING also helps the body to release harmful toxins and keep the skin healthy and glowing. Personally SUDARSHAN KRIYA has helped me a great deal (sic).”

Contributing certain credits to a healthy gut, Sonal asserted, “A healthy gut is essential for healthy skin. Toxins that are not cleared from the body often get deposited in adipose fat tissue and in the skin, which can lead to acne, discoloration, and accelerated aging. Certain gentle Yoga Asanas can assist in digestion and toxin removal by increasing circulation and energy to the stomach, small intestine, large intestine and liver (sic).”

She concluded by confessing, “Yoga/ Breathing / Meditation is the answer PS- I’m no expert. I often make mistakes but i don’t stop trying and i don’t give up (sic)” and neither will we, now that we know her secret to maintaining a healthy skin.


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