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HT Brunch Comics: Tracks

Published on Oct 15, 2022 12:58 AM IST
Meet: Tracks 5
ByVirArt Studios

Fortnightly mini-tales by advocate Virat Vilas Pawar and his team of artists.

Black Mask

HT Brunch Comics: Black Mask 9
Published on Apr 29, 2022 11:06 PM IST

HT Brunch Comics

HT Brunch: Sprint(VirArt Studios) 11
Updated on Apr 18, 2022 06:42 PM IST

Ami Patel: On shiny, sustainable clothing

Can a bride be sustainable? And can anyone carry of glitter? The celebrity fashion stylist answers…

Ami Patel
Updated on Sep 12, 2021 10:23 AM IST
ByAmi Patel

Medical Dramas

SanjivaniWe all remember Dr Shashank Gupta; tall, strapping, strict and reticent. This medical drama aired on Star Plus from 2002 to 2005 and gained popularity easily. Hospital interns, hospital politics, young love, major surgeries, jealousy, mature love; predictably, the focus of Sanjivani shifted from 'medical drama' to melodrama. But Dr Shashank remained in our hearts ever since. 5
Updated on Nov 01, 2019 10:53 AM IST

Angry Birds Rip-Offs

Angry Anna: Hate politicians? Now here's your chance to vent all your frustration against them online! In Angry Anna, you lob activist Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev and Kiran Bedi heads at P. Chidambaram and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (among others). Get cracking at 5
Updated on Oct 31, 2019 09:29 PM IST

#BeboBump: Exclusive pics of Kareena Kapoor Khan

“My pregnancy has been such a breeze, I don’t know how time has gone by. I’ve always done yoga and have been a fit girl, and that’s key. There have been no health issues – touchwood!” (Rohan Shrestha) 7
Updated on Nov 19, 2016 05:13 PM IST

The curious case of the vanishing Parsis

With just 69,000 Parsis left in the country according to the 2001 Census, the last to classify minorities according to religion, Parsi panchayats are encouraging the young to marry within the community and have more children. We bring you beautiful pictures from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Telangana. 15
Updated on Sep 22, 2015 05:32 PM IST

The vanishing Parsis

Surat, India - March 20, 2015: Parsi children at a welfare home in Surat, India, on Friday, March 20, 2015. (Photo by Gurinder Osan/ Hindustan Times) 15
Updated on Jul 02, 2015 03:15 PM IST

Filmindia in photos

A new book on Baburao Patel and his wife Sushila Rani who edited the influential magazine Filmindia provides interesting insights into the early years of Hindi cinema and film journalism. Here are some beautiful stills from the pages of the magazine, found in journalist and author Sidharth Bhatia's lavishly-illustrated coffee table book, The Patels of Filmindia. (The cover of the launch issue of Filmindia in April 1935.) 12
Updated on Jun 29, 2015 08:06 PM IST

The curious case of the vanishing Parsis

Surat, India - March 20, 2015: Parsi children at a welfare home in Surat, India, on Friday, March 20, 2015. (Photo by Gurinder Osan/ Hindustan Times) 15
Updated on Jun 29, 2015 03:35 PM IST

Meet the keepers of India's oldest art gallery

Most of the art that has survived all these thousands of years later are the ones painted in the niches and on undersides of the rocks, keeping them safe from rain and the elements. (Text by Rachel Lopez; photos by Kalpak Pathak) 16
Updated on May 28, 2015 04:30 PM IST

Majuli, the island on the edge

People, cars and bikes pile on ferries to cross the Brahmaputra river to reach the island of Majuli from the mainland in Assam (Photos: Raj K Raj) 20
Updated on May 20, 2015 09:27 PM IST

A journey to the wettest place on earth

Aasheesh Sharma and photographer Raj K Raj journeyed to Mawsynram, a cluster of hamlets in Meghalaya – now the wettest place in the world (sorry, it isn’t Cherrapunji!). They got drenched, but returned with an extraordinary story. Home and dry: A girl in Mawsynram. The locals don’t bother much with umbrellas. They swear by the knup, an innovative hands-free rain shield that lets them work in the fields, dig roads and carry out everyday chores without having to grip an umbrella pipe. The rim of the shield looks like an inverted tear drop. A knup extends behind the head and also keeps the rain off the knees. 7
Updated on Apr 22, 2015 03:06 PM IST

Brunch Featured Zone

The sugar hide-and-seek 92
Updated on Jan 11, 2015 01:45 PM IST

What makes a celebrity's Diwali?

Monica Dogra, Musician/ActressThis is my first photo-shoot in traditional wear; I’m wearing a classic Indian lehenga choli by Anita Dongre, which I plan to wear this Diwali. 7
Updated on Oct 18, 2014 08:42 PM IST

Diwali gifts to choose from

The Visconti Extase d’Oud Limited Edition fountain pen has been created as a tribute to fragrances from the Middle East. Only 388 fountain pens are available in Vermeil 925 sterling silver. Price: Rs 3,65,000. 24
Updated on Oct 18, 2014 08:35 PM IST

A Bollywood BAAZnama

Bundalbaaz (1976) | Jaan Ki Baazi (1985) 4
Updated on Aug 30, 2014 09:16 PM IST

The Bollywood food quiz: Can you guess 'em all?

Updated on Aug 17, 2014 11:52 AM IST

Who's who of X-Men: Days of Future Past

The new X-Men Movie (X-Men: Days of Future Past) is scheduled to release on May 23. The film is inspired by the 1980 comic series of the same name. Premise: The X-Men send back Wolverine to the past in order to prevent an all-out war. A new nemesis has necessitated the formation of a united team of younger X-Men and present-day older X-Men. The movie apparently has a large role for Trask Industries and Sentinels. (For the uninitiated: Sentinels are giant mutant-killing robots developed by Bolivar Trask played by the recent Game of Thrones sensation, Peter Dinklage.) Here's a look at things to be excited about.(Text by: Shantanu Argal) 6
Updated on May 17, 2014 04:53 PM IST

What if these films ended differently?

So your favourite movie is 95 per cent perfect. Bas agar woh ending mein gadbad nahin karte, then it would be the most beautiful thing, ever! We know you've thought it. Now we're saying it. We imagine what could have been if these films had ended just that little bit differently. Queen: Everybody's saying it. There was but one thing wrong with the ending of Queen and that was the absence of Oleksander. Such cuteness and those loving glances should have been reciprocated in kind. Nice, concerned about the state of the world and so good looking? WIN! Here is how we think it should have gone down: She should have asked him to come back with her and if he said no, shoved him in her backpack and dragged his beautiful behind back to Rajouri. No two ways about it. Then she should have taken him out for sweet corn soup and sung Russia Thumakda. Rani and Oleksander forever. Mother-Father swear!By Shaoli Rudra 7
Updated on Apr 26, 2014 04:39 PM IST

The magic of Dhyan Chand

Gold rush: The Dhyan Chand legend was built upon consistent performances. He was part of the gold medal winning hockey contingent in three successive Olympics. Here he poses with the victorious 1928 team which became champions at Amsterdam. 6
Updated on Apr 26, 2014 12:20 PM IST
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