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'I'm enjoying my time off'

Telly actor Iqbal Khan tells Ruhail Amin that he and his wife Sneha have been travelling a lot and are enjoying a lot.
None | By Ruhail Amin (HT Cafe), Mumbai
UPDATED ON APR 25, 2007 03:17 PM IST

How have the last four months been since you resigned from Balaji Telefilms?

Fabulous. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time off. Sneha and I’ve been travelling a lot. Finally, I’m able to find time for friends and family .

What are you planning?

I’ve started looking for work now. I’ve been offered some shows but nothing has been finalised. It’ll take a month to announce my new project. It will be a daily show for sure.

Has Balaji approached you?

No! And neither have I asked them for work. Other producers have evinced interest to work with me. But that doesn’t mean I share a bad equation with the production house. In fact, I have great respect for Balaji and owe a lot to them. If I sign a show with another producer, it should never be seen as a fall out.

Do you have the pressure of repeating a success like

Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai


Of course, the pressure of doing better always lurks in the sub-conscious. I always believe in giving my best and leaving the rest to God. Otherwise, I’m never worried about things.

How has marriage changed you?

Everyone seems asking me the same question. Well, to some extent it has changed me. Earlier it used to be work and then I’d go to meet Sneha. Now, I don’t have to go anywhere. I return home and Sneha is with me. Now, when I discuss new projects, I do convey that I won’t work beyond certain hours. That’s the only aspect in which marriage has changed me.

Are you looking at films?

What interests me is the quality of the work being offered, no matter the medium. I can’t be captive to a particular medium. Right now, it's television and I'm enjoying it. If a good film script comes way, I would surely consider it.

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