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KGMU doctors innovate to weed out human interface in dental surgery

Doctors at King George’s Medical University have developed a dental technology that eliminates the need for an assistant during surgery. The innovative cheek retractor also protects the patient's eyes from harmful aerosols.

Retraction of the cheek (needed to make space for the dental procedure) and suction of saliva cannot be done by a dentist alone while performing a dental surgery/treatment in the mouth. Hence an assistant does it. The innovation was made to solve this issue and do away with the need of an assistant. (FOR REPRESENTATION)
Updated on Nov 27, 2023 05:26 AM IST
By, Lucknow

‘Human trial of India’s first dengue vaccine early next year’

10K people at 20 locations across India will be included in the exercise that will check the efficacy of the vax, said Nivedita Gupta, head, epidemiology and communicable diseases, ICMR

The first phase checked safety of the vaccine, while the second checked if the vaccine made antibodies and the third phase will examine whether the vaccine is working against dengue or not. (For Representation)
Updated on Nov 26, 2023 05:12 AM IST
By, Lucknow

Artificial rains in pipeline for U.P. districts with high AQI

The Supreme Court on Monday directed four states, including Uttar Pradesh, to take steps to bring down air pollution levels.

Air pollution (HT Photo)
Published on Nov 09, 2023 06:59 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

Deepawali directives: UPPCB stipulates type, time of bursting crackers

U.P. issues directives on bursting crackers, limiting sound level and timing for fireworks following the Supreme Court's order on air pollution.

For representation only (HT File Photo)
Updated on Nov 08, 2023 08:06 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh affidavit in top court lists steps to curb air pollution

In the affidavit, the state government gave details of the action taken and policy implementation to curb air pollution in various sectors including agriculture, transport, real estate and industry.

In 2023, a total 3058 over-aged vehicles were impounded in the NCR this year. (HT FILE PHOTO)
Published on Nov 07, 2023 05:38 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

NCR units slapped with 1.5 cr in fines for violating GRAP-III pollution norms

The highest fine, amounting to ₹50 lakh, was levied against those found to be storing construction materials in the open.

The Uttar Pradesh government is required to submit an affidavit to the Supreme Court. (HT Photo)
Updated on Nov 06, 2023 01:39 AM IST

UPPCB to focus more on dust control audit of construction sites

Uttar Pradesh has to file an affidavit with the Supreme Court by November 7 on measures taken to reduce air pollution.

For representation only (HT File Photo)
Updated on Nov 05, 2023 06:14 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

Lucknow, 16 other UP cities asked to combat air pollution

Measures to be undertaken include increasing use of mechanised road sweeping machine (MRSM), ensuring no stubble burning takes place and sprinkling of water on roads, particularly near construction sites

AQI values at or below 100 are generally thought of as satisfactory. When AQI values are above 100, air quality is unhealthy - at first, for certain sensitive groups of people, then for everyone as AQI values get higher. (Pic for representation)
Updated on Nov 04, 2023 06:24 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

UP medical colleges introduce Hindi textbooks in MBBS classes

As part of the transition, principals and faculty members of all medical institutions across the state have been asked to start teaching in Hindi.

This transition is expected to bring greater clarity to medical students, particularly those who have received their prior education in Hindi. (Representative)
Updated on Nov 04, 2023 03:36 AM IST
By, Lucknow

To combat air pollution: UPPCB mandates only BS-VI standard for buses plying to Delhi/NCR

Strict actions and penalties have been imposed on the construction sector for violations of norms, delivering a stern message to the industry.

Officials have assured that the UPPCB will submit its affidavit well within the stipulated time frame. (Representational photo)
Published on Nov 01, 2023 07:54 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

17 U.P. districts identified as underperforming in ‘case-based activity’ for dengue

Bareilly, Lucknow, Meerut, Rampur, Ghaziabad, Kanpur, Aligarh, Jaunpur, Gorakhpur, Firozabad, Barabanki, Ayodhya, Moradabad, Bulandshahr, etc., are included in the list.

Aedes aegypti that spreads dengue fever (HT File Photo)
Updated on Oct 29, 2023 07:20 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

Lucknow KGMU’s organ donation programme from brain dead patients on a hiatus

KGMU initiated organ donation from brain dead patients in 2017, and to date, approximately two dozen successful cases have been completed.

For representation only (HT File Photo)
Updated on Oct 29, 2023 05:12 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

Compensation after 3 years fails to ease pain of losing new-born

In all, four new-borns died at the Islamnagar PHC between May 31 and June 1, 2020 and this prompted a probe by the additional director, Bareilly division. The superintendent of the PHC was suspended, three staff nurses were transferred to other health centres and one of them also lost salary increment for 2020-21. All this was done within a year but the compensation was delayed

The probe had pointed out that a retired auxiliary nurse and midwife (ANM) was working at the PHC when the deaths took place. An FIR was lodged against her after initial probe found her role in the deaths. (Pic for representation)
Updated on Oct 27, 2023 07:16 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

Cadaver crunch in U.P medical colleges

Most state-run medical colleges rely on body donations for anatomy teaching, but the numbers aren’t adequate

Students dissecting a cadaver. (Pic for representation)
Published on Oct 26, 2023 07:45 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh farmers to earn additional income from carbon credits

This move comes as part of the efforts to link farming with the global carbon credit market generating an additional income.

At present one credit is equal to the mass of one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) or other greenhouse gases (reduced or sequestered via plantation to earn credit). (FOR REPRESENTATION)
Updated on Oct 22, 2023 07:06 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

KGMU’s kidney transplant programme in ‘sleep mode’; patients forced to seek costlier alternatives

While patients are ready for the procedure, the unavailability of operating theatres and post-operation ICU facilities is hindering further kidney transplants.

Currently, there is a waitlist of half a dozen patients in need of kidney transplants. (HT Photo)
Updated on Oct 12, 2023 07:28 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

U.P. increases docs’ retirement age to 65 years; 3rd such move in 22 yrs

Government doctors in state can now serve until 65 years, with the option to serve in administrative posts until the age of 62.

Representative pic (HT File)
Published on Oct 10, 2023 06:26 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

Rewriting the Rules of Aging: The digital route to kill elderly boredom

Technologies open up a new virtual realm for the elderly, offering a valuable means to combat the challenges of isolation and estrangement that often accompany the later stages of life

Doctors endorse the use of smartphones as a remedy for elderly loneliness. (HT Photo)
Updated on Sep 30, 2023 11:31 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

An AED can ensure ‘current’ in your heart if it is ‘under attack’

A sudden cardiac arrest causes loss of all heart activity due to an irregular heart rhythm and the person becomes unconscious and needs ‘electrical shock.’ Without immediate treatment, sudden cardiac arrest can lead to death.

AED analyses heart rhythm and gives safe electrical shock to revive the organ. (Pic for representation)
Updated on Sep 30, 2023 05:26 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

Toxicomania-2023: ‘Beware indoor plants. They may be poisonous’

Experts at the five-day toxicology event in Lucknow, averred that even accidental consumption may result in skin irritation, swelling in throat and mouth, choking and even kidney and liver failure

Indoor plants with toxins displayed in the exhibition by the forensic medicine and toxicology department. (HT Photo)
Updated on Sep 27, 2023 07:49 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

DEN-2 variant takes centre stage as U.P. records over 6k dengue cases

There are four strains of dengue (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4), and among them, DEN-2 is known to infect people the fastest.

This year, approximately 7,000 people have tested positive for dengue in the state, with seven fatalities. (HT Photo)
Updated on Sep 25, 2023 06:36 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

Registered with CITES, rescued exotic animals to stay at Lucknow Zoo

CITES aims to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten the survival of the species.

Animals after the rescue operation. (Picture courtesy forest department)
Published on Sep 24, 2023 01:23 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

AYUSHMAN BHARAT SCHEME: Bogus bills and fake admissions, Uttar Pradesh private hospitals inject fraud, get caught

Some private hospitals in Uttar Pradesh are raising bogus inflated bills under the Ayushman Bharat scheme to make easy money, according to reports. In one instance, a diarrhoea patient admitted to a general ward was shifted to intensive care, his photo was taken, and he was then moved back to the general ward. The hospital could earn more money through the scheme by raising ICU bills instead of general ward bills. So far, 369 private hospitals have been de-empanelled from the scheme due to fraudulent acts. The government is implementing new methods to catch fraudsters.

While U.P. government is focusing on increasing the number of hospitals where patients can get treatment under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, it seems select private hospitals are getting newer ideas for fraud. (FOR REPRESENTATION)
Updated on Sep 22, 2023 12:21 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

To plug shortage, UP govt recruits 749 more doctors via walk-in interviews

Currently, the state has over 6,000 vacant posts of doctors at hospitals and health facilities in different districts; a total of 4,322 MBBS and 767 specialist doctors took the interview

The postings of these doctors were planned on the basis of patient load at health facilities. (Pic for representation)
Published on Sep 18, 2023 10:02 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

U.P. plans biggest increase in PG medical seats from 2024 session

Focus will be on KGMU and SGPGIMS in Lucknow, GIMS in Greater Noida and GSVM Medical College in Kanpur

The key specialities focused this year include obstetrics, gynaecology, otolaryngology, orthopaedic surgery etc. (For Representation)
Updated on Sep 14, 2023 09:50 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

Nothing comes easy in life: Mary Kom at 20th annual conference of Indian Arthroscopy Association in Lucknow

Mary Kom says boxing made her learn a lot of things and that enabled her to earn medals and everything in life.

MC Mary Kom at an event in Lucknow on Saturday. (ANI PHOTO)
Updated on Sep 02, 2023 08:03 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

Holistic Health: Ayush dept to open naturopathy centres in U.P, 1st one to come up in Varanasi

The minister explained, “We possess available land in the Pandeypur area, which is why we have chosen this site for our inaugural centre. We have plans to establish centres in other districts as well.”

This initiative is a part of broader efforts to offer state residents a choice within the realm of traditional medical systems. (HT Photo)
Updated on Aug 15, 2023 12:05 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

Online registration in hosp: Queueing still not ruled out

The online registration for government hospitals has made the process easy and quick. But it has not eliminated any of the two queues a patient has to go through before meeting a doctor.

Patients who registered online wait at a counter for OPD slips, (HT)
Updated on Aug 06, 2023 12:32 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal

KGMU trauma centre plans new block with 500 beds

King George's Medical University trauma center in India plans to double its patient capacity by adding a new block with 500 beds. The current trauma center has about 400 beds and receives patients not only from Lucknow but also from other districts and even Nepal. The expansion aims to alleviate the pressure on the center and ensure that all patients receive timely treatment.

The area where the new block will come up at trauma centre, KGMU. (HT photo)
Updated on Aug 03, 2023 01:19 PM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow

U.P. records 18% rise in tiger count since 2018; Dudhwa ranked 4th

The Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh has been ranked fourth among tiger reserves in India, with a tiger population of 135. The total tiger population in Uttar Pradesh has increased by 18.49% in four years, reaching 205 in 2022. Pilibhit tiger reserve has also received the CA TS certificate for tiger conservation.

For representation only (HT FIle Photo)
Updated on Jul 30, 2023 12:14 AM IST
ByGaurav Saigal, Lucknow
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