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Reap the benefits of barley

This ancient herb manages most of the stress caused by urban living

brunch Updated: Sep 30, 2017 22:28 IST
Shikha Sharma
Shikha Sharma
Hindustan Times
Barley,Barley grass,Jau
Much like the wheat plant barley is a kind of grass, its grains are called jau(Getty Images)

Among the treasure trove of herbs and spices that ancient humans used to treat their illnesses, barley grass reigned supreme.

Much like the wheat plant, barley is a kind of grass. We call its grains jau. Barley grass shoots are a storehouse of Vitamins B, B2, B6, and C, folic acid, pantothenic acid, calcium and iron. In fact, the calcium content in barley grass is far more than in milk, and its Vitamin C content is far more than oranges. This makes barley grass an excellent addition to the diet of menopausal women and sports people.

Barley’s nutrients help in healing several problems caused by air pollution, water pollution, pesticides in food, fast foods and stress. Combined, these issues lead to the rise of dangerous free radicals in the body, which might cause diabetes, ageing, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Here are the many benefits of barley grass:

Skin and hair: The minerals and enzymes in barley grass help heal skin and hair, and make them stronger.

Patients with liver issues: Barley grass powder or juice is an excellent source of 18 amino acids. This is useful for people who have liver problems and hence cannot digest animal protein. Being easy to absorb, it’s also a good source of protein for vegetarians.

Patients with ulcers and digestive disorders: Many digestive disorders like stomach ulcers and Crohn’s disease, which are caused due to stress, improve when barley grass juice is added to the diet of the patients.

Patients with tumours: A combination of wheat grass and barley grass is recommended due to its powerful antioxidant and cell repairing properties. Tumours thrive in an acidic milieu, but slow down when the body becomes alkaline. The same property of barley grass and wheat grass slows down the ageing process.

Diabetes patients: Barley grass juice mixed with a vegetable juice can be an excellent tonic for diabetics.

Heart patients: Barley grass reduces cholesterol. This works best when combined with a plant-based diet that is free of trans-fats.

From HT Brunch, October 1, 2017

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First Published: Sep 30, 2017 22:28 IST