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Here’s how to overcome the habit of constantly craving for new, expensive things

education Updated: Nov 10, 2010 09:54 IST
Samir Parikh
Samir Parikh
Hindustan Times

Do you have an insatiable appetite for lots and lots of goodies, gadgetry, and what have you? Uncontrolled craving for and spending can wreck your finances and more. Here’s how to get rid of this habit
Start from the most implausible: Always try and develop an understanding of what is it that you can or cannot afford. The first step is always trying to determine what is completely beyond what you can afford. Once you are able to understand that, then you would need to completely stay away from it. Consider only those things that can be a possible purchase for you.

Accept that the cycle to more and many doesn’t end: We all want more and there is never any end to it. When one possesses one particular thing, then the need for more soon arises. This is an unending cycle. But accepting this as a fact of life is an absolute essential that forms the building block to being able to say no to the yearning for more things and those that are more expensive.

Satisfaction is not in money: Remember satisfaction is not in money. It is related to the sense of achievement that one is able to develop not just on the basis of the material possessions but on the overall sense of well-being with regards to one’s personal and professional life. The more satisfied one is with our relations and how things are going on in our professional sphere, the more it would make us happy.

Never compare: Comparisons are never healthy or helpful. They only serve to create a sense of dissatisfaction and a desire that there should be more. In order to be satisfied and happy with what one is and has, it is imperative that all comparisons be avoided and that one only look towards one’s self and life.

Learn to enjoy what you have: Look inwards. Look towards who and what you are. Only then can you be truly happy and learn to be able to stay away from the constant pining for more and more expensive things. Once you enjoy to the fullest what and who you are, you are bound to be a satisfied person and not look for more outside.

The author is a psychiatrist, and chief, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Max Healthcare

First Published: Nov 09, 2010 13:14 IST