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Aamir, brother make peace

The good news of the day is that Faisal Khan has finally realised that brother Aamir Khan wishes him well and wants him to get better at the soonest.

entertainment Updated: Apr 06, 2009 19:38 IST
Hindustan Times

Hello brother
Aaha, it’s that time of the week when I like to be pampered. I’ve told the consultant at B: Sharp to send her team to my penthouse for my weekly beauty treatment. Worry not my dahlings, while I’m getting my manicure and pedicure done, I’ll serve you some spicy nuggets from tinsel town.

Since I’m in an unusually sunny mood today, let me begin with something positive.

The good news of the day is that Faisal Khan has finally realised that brother Aamir Khan wishes him well and wants him to get better at the soonest.

He no longer view Aamir’s visits with suspicion but actually looks forward to them. According to my source, Aamir is happy with the progress Faisal is making and has been most supportive.

And if Aamir drops by during meal times, Faisal insists on sharing his khaana-peena with bhai. Sweet! Faisal also calls Aamir regularly to talk. Sweeter!

I do so love happy happy stories, I tell you.

Ooh, aah, action!
Here’s Madhu my Mottu Maid with my chilled lemonade and begging to be let off early. Reason: she wants to visit the sets of What’s Your Raashee? to meet Priyanka Chopra.. who’s shooting with her ex man, Harmna Baweja. Seems she’s feeling a little under the weather, and Mots wants to play Nurse Betty.

I’m told it is because of her hectic schedule that Piggy Chops is feeling oh-so-low. But despite running a high temperature, she’s not taking even a day off.

Mottu claims that it’s essentially Priyanka’s obsession to cram in as much as possible into a day that has taken its toll on her health. She wants to sit her down and give her a piece of her mind.

I tried explaining to Mots to not worry so much. Her khaas friend, Shahid Kapoor, is there to make PC see reason. But she’s playing deaf.

I think she also wants to meet the Baweja boy and tell him to rethink about his growing dosti with Urvashi Sharma. Really now!

An old company
Oi oi oi.. Look who’s bonding big these days? Believe it or faint.. Ram Gopal Varma and Vivek Oberoi have become real chummy again. Seems guru-chela have patched up their differences. Badhai ho or not?

A jasoos from Varma’s film factory tells me that Vivs dropped in at his mentor’s office earlier this week, to say hi.. but ended up spending almost four hours chatting with Ramuji.

The two had had differences during the making of Darna Mana Hai.. following which a miffed RGV had sworn never
to work with his protégé again.

But the recent meeting only confirms that there are no permanent friends and foes in apni movie nagariya.

Needless to say, Vivs was doing most of the baat-chit, regaling the mentor with gupshup. RGV listened on, amused and entertained.

If they announce a movie together later this year, don’t be surprised. ’Coz you read it here first.

Suno na, suno na
Excuse me while I answer this call on my kaaliberry. Turns out to be Mottu, who wants to crib about how loud some actors can get for no rhyme or reason at all. She was visiting a saheli in Yari Road when she heard someone shouting.

Turned out to be Rohit Roy, who was talking to someone on his mobile. She stooped to eavesdrop and heard Rohit was telling someone that he’s doing a film with Tanushree Dutta and Neetu Chandra. He was so very looouuud that the whole of Yari Road and Versova must have heard him, says Mots.

What’s there to get so excited, she’s wondering? As if this Rohit chappie had bagged a cameo in a Hollywood flick with Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry.

Even then no one would have cared to hear if if he were to shout that from the rooftops. Oof!

Car seva anyone?
Achha listen, I’ve just been informed that Manmohan Shetty had lent his S Class Mercedes Benz to Shekhar Kapur.

He couldn’t bear to see the creative producer who’s directing the Mr India sequel for him, travelling in taxis and autorickshaws since Kapur’s car is being used by Suchitra Krishnamurthy.

Shettyji had thought he’d get back his gaadi.. as soon as Kapur got himself a new car. But it’s been a a couple of months and Shettyji has now got himself a new Mercedes. Kya Karen?

But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Apr 06, 2009 18:18 IST