Saif, Bebo on a romantic holiday
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Saif, Bebo on a romantic holiday

So aaj ki taaza khabar is that, if Babita aunty’s words are any indication, then beti Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are already patni and pati.

entertainment Updated: May 18, 2009 09:56 IST
Hindustan Times

Salaam namastey my sahibs and memsahibs! This is Madhu the Mottu Maid at your service, once again.. at the behest of Honey Madam. She is holidaying in the thanda thanda cool cool Alaska, leaving me here in this kadakti garmi. Khair, enough of my complaints, let me get to work, pronto.

So aaj ki taaza khabar is that, if Babita aunty’s words are any indication, then beti Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are already patni and pati. Yeah, I do know that the lovesome twosome are on a chhutti in Italy.. and aren’t likely to return anytime so soon.

Just like her elder daughter
Karisma Kapur, who is on a vacation with hubby Sanjay and daughter Samaira in Dubai. But that doesn’t mean that Babita aunty is feeling akeli and tanha without her daughters.

Suna hai, she’s quite busy with her kitty parties and all that. But you know what? Whenever any of Babita aunty’s sahelis ask her where her Bebo and Saifu have gone on a holiday, auntyji is believed to always answer that they are honeymooning.. and bursts into laughter. Ha ha ha.. but why am I not even slightly amused!

Sting operation
Ek minute, Rapchik Rajni has sent me a message on my mobile. She wants to update some old Nana Patekar dialogue and suggests, “Ek madhumakhi kisi ko Celina Jaitley bana sakti hai.” Huh? What nonsense is she talking about? Turns out that Rajni is indeed talking about Celina, who suffered a nightmarish sting from a bee. I’m told she.. Celina, not Rajni, sillies.. was shooting for Accident at Hill Road at Madh Island the other night.

For a scene, Celina was required to run in the dark.. and that’s when the bee got too close for her discomfort.. and stung her right cheek. Bas, aur kya? It caused her cheek to swell so much that her eye was barely visible.

Thank god, the unitwallas summoned a doctor in time, and he gave her an antibiotic injection.. and the swelling had subsided by the following morning. Rajni called Celina to ask about her well-being and the actress seemed glad the ‘nightmare’ was over, since her face “had started to look like her pup’s.” Whatever that means!

Virtual viral
Oi oi.. bechari Koena Mitra was feeling rather handicapped for the last couple of days. Reason: her laptop had conked off and just wouldn’t start. At first, Koena consulted her friends, but when she couldn’t get her gadget to start, she called the engineer.

I’m told that when he finally got it started, he was aghast to find that it was infected with innumerable viruses. And he needed to take it for a couple of days to clean them out and install the appropriate anti-virus software etc etc..

It wasn’t until another two days that Koena got her laptop back and logged on the internet, getting busy on social networking site and all that. Hmm, that’s what happens when one doesn’t have many films in one’s kitty, I tell you.

Anger management
Now Rajni wants to share some khabar about Sophie Chaudhary and Aarti Chhabria. Seems the two aren’t the best of friends.. so much so that they can’t see eye to eye, ever since they acted in some movie called Shaadi No. 1.

Without going into the itihaas of their lafda jhaga, Rajni says that the mere mention of Aarti’s name makes Sophie see blood red.. and it takes a couple of hours for her to cool down. The same for Miss Chhabria.. who starts gritting her teeth the moment anyone says ‘Sophie’.. and won’t stop till the person is out of her sight. Really, when will these girls ever grow up? Or is that asking for too much?

Long distance woes
Haaye daiyya! If this piece of information is any indication, then it looks like Jaspinder Narula is second time unlucky too.. in marriage. Apparently, it’s the long distance between her and her hubby, Mohan, who stays in Canada most of the time, since he has his business to do there.

But it seems they couldn’t travel too often to spend time with each other.. and that caused them to drift apart. Sad, considering that he had flown down to Mumbai last year, when she was contesting on a television show, to support her. And now this? Tsk tsk. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: May 16, 2009 16:58 IST