Uber cool

Chesta Wadhwani hangs out with Wilsonians to sample their favourite ice creams, keema pavs and chowmein.

entertainment Updated: Feb 03, 2009 16:45 IST
Chesta Wadhwani
Chesta Wadhwani
Hindustan Times

Wilsonians have a soft corner for all things sweet. And this is evident in the large number of juice centres, ice cream parlours and bakeries next to the very-old-world-like Wilson College.

Up market choices
While suburban students hog on street food — sandwiches, dosas, vada pav — without restraint in khau gullies, students here have slightly more up-market options. Ice cream parlours, Parsi joints, a chole-bhature place and a bakery besides countless kulfi houses.. they are all here.

Bachelors, for starters, is the oldest milkshake place. It’s pricey though.. a strawberry ice cream milkshake costs Rs 100. Sharon Zakharia, an economics student from St Xaviers swears by the Bachelors’ Special Milkshake — a blend of Ferrero Rocher and ice cream.

Her friend Ashita Jain, a second year arts student, originally from Jaipur, frequents Crystal for its homely aloo sabzi, paneer and rice. The 53-year-old restaurant with grease covered walls is famous for its chole-bhature.

Health takes
The health-freaks can often be spotted at Sukhsagar. The two decade-old juice house has watermelons, pineapples and large red strawberries fighting for space on shelves. The innovate juice cocktails keep the energy levels high for projects and

Sugar-free kulfis at New Kulfi Centre also bring cheer. Easy on the pocket, it offers icy delights like Zafran Rogan, Royal Banana and Mewa Chikki. At any time, the joint is full of students with a sweet tooth.

Athlete Arjun Joseph’s favourite joints include By The Way, which serves Goan food and Paramount, a small Iranian
restaurant. Both the places are hangouts for most Bhavan’s and Wilson students.

“The Parsi delicacies at By The Way are splendid, enough to give New Yorker’s a run for its money,” he laughs. Paramount serves scrumptious kababs, bun maska, bhurji and chicken masala.

Gossip and more
Arts students Aafreen Mistry and Fatima Rangonwala from Wilson flock to Sai for the Punjabi and South Indian fare. “Not many know of this non-descript place. It doles out the crispiest dosas. It’s our adda for campus gossip,” grins

Those with deeper pockets have options ranging from New Yorker’s and Cream Centre to Delhi Chaat and Heroes, close to Grant Road station.

The cosy ambience, the pool table and the baked bean on toast at New York have students keep coming for more. For a quick bite, there is also Wraps n Rolls.

Shona Dias is a fan of Chinese food at Heroes. Ask her if she’d want the suburban street food fare to replace the quaint eateries in South Mumbai, and pat comes the reply. “No way.. we have a plethora of options. Besides, the Chowpatty is here. We are lucky,” she signs off.

First Published: Feb 03, 2009 16:44 IST