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Yash Chopra's Hadippa to be reshot?

Rani Mukherji seems to have conceeded to herself that creative interference in Anurag Singh’s domain hasn’t done the movie any good. Now, Aditya Chopra is making necessary changes in the screenplay.. and readying for mega reshooting too at Yash Raj Studio.

entertainment Updated: Apr 01, 2009 15:00 IST
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Another take?
Morning my strawberry truffles! Ever since the crack of dawn, my phone has been ringing, non-stop. I have so much khabar for you, my dahlings, that I’ve no time to waste on anything else. So here goes..

For starters, Rani Mukherji finally had a dekko of Hadippa, her next Yash Raj movie with Shahid Kapoor. And conceeded to herself that creative interference in Anurag Singh’s domain hasn’t done the movie any good.

Of course, Aditya Chopra too has been seeing it, again and again. So he can do some damage control before things go out of control. He’s making necessary changes in the screenplay.. and readying for mega reshooting too at Yash Raj Studio.

However, this time around, Ms Mukherji has no choice but to stick to her job of acting.. not even suggestions are being entertained. How the mighty have fallen!

Now it only remains to be seen how soon Shahid Kapoor will dole out fresh dates. I’m told, he has seen the film and doesn’t seem to have any problems with it, so why the question of reshooting? Hmm.

Well, well, well.. for Rani’s sake, I hope Hadippa reaches the theatres sooner than Chori Chori. Now, that’s not asking for much no?.. or is it?

Yeh dooriyaan..
Bechara Harman Baweja! He looks like he’s been hit by a thunderbolt from the blue. Although Priyanka Chopra continues to remain buddy buddy with his sister Rowena, the two ex lovers are far from being even good friends these days.

No wonder the Baweja boy was looking maha depressed when a kauwa dropped in at the shoot of What’s Your Raashee?
at Kamalistan Studio the other day.

Gone are those days when PC and Her Man would hang around together between shots and share lunches. Today, they don’t even talk, forget eating together.

The only communication between them is the dialogue their characters deliver in the movie. After the shot is okayed, Baweja boy returns to his make-up room until he’s summoned for the next shot.

Can’t really grudge him for his chup chaap ways, na? Given the buzz about Priyanka’s growing closeness with Shahid Kapoor, it’s not bewajah that Harman is going around sighing, ‘Kya se kya ho gaya..’ Tsk, tsk!

Daddy day care
Aah, just what I need.. to beat this sweltering heat. A cool blue granita, courtesy Madhu my Mottu Maid. She claims she also has some khabar that is sure to warm the cockles of my heart. Theek hai.. sunao.

She had gone to meet her chahita Ajay Devgan at his bangla in Juhu the other afternoon.. and was chatting with him over a cuppa when his daughter Nysa returned from school.

Kajol was out with her saasu-maa, and AJ, as Mots calls him, stayed home for his beti. Nysa was so excited about having baked a brownie at school for daddy dearest which she was so eager to feed him.. that she hadn’t even had her own lunch.

AJ gently suggested she have her tiffin while he nibbled on her specially-baked brownie. Cho cho very very chweet no, gushes Mottu.

Wah, papa ho to aisa!

Mango fool
Okay, so today is April Fools’ Day.. but that doesn’t give anyone the licence to play the silliest of pranks. Suniel Shetty and action choreographer, Allan Amin, pulled a fast one on the employees at the Popcorn Entertainment office.

Yesterday, Anna told his staff that Amin had met a dealer who was selling a dozen mangoes at just Rs 250. And would deliver the order within 24 hours.

Considering that they had not heard of Alphonsos going for anything less than Rs 800, the gullible folks, including Jaaved Jaffery and the fighters’ association, bit the bait.. and placed an order amounting to a couple of hundred boxes.

Imagine their horror when instead of mangoes they got an envelope in which was enclosed a note that read, “Aam Sorry.. April Fool.” Really now! Such aam pranks at this age, I tell you.

Hot is not happening
Mottu is back with a tiddy bitty on Govinda. For someone who didn’t really care for his constituency while he was Member of the Parliament, Govinda was very concerned about those sweating it out in the hot sun during a recent shoot of Run Bhola Run at the helipad in Film City.

So Govindaji suggested that they start working at 7 a m.. and take a long break from 10 a m to about 4 p m. And wonder of wonders, he actually turned up on the dot.

While the unit is thrilled with Go Go uncle, the producers are not. Reason: the schedule has stretched over two shifts a day, increasing their expenditure. This when they’re trying to cut down on costs following the economic meltdown.

But they can’t complain because then Govindaji might stop coming altogether. What to do? But then, such is life dearies.