Happy Father's Day: Workout tips for men over 40

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi
Jun 16, 2022 01:07 PM IST

If you are above 40, some of the facts you should know about your body is that as we grow older, our body starts decreasing muscle mass and testosterone levels, especially in males. Ahead of Father's Day, here are some workout tips to keep in mind if you want to have your dream body

First things first ahead of Father's Day 2022 - the biggest lie someone can tell you is that you need to be in your 20s or 30s if you want to have your dream body whereas, the real truth is that with the right plan and the right execution, you can get fit anytime, even in your 40s. It’s never too late to start working out but if you are above 40, some of the facts you should know about your body is that as we grow older, our body starts decreasing muscle mass and testosterone levels, especially in males.

Workout tips for men over 40 (Gustavo Fring)
Workout tips for men over 40 (Gustavo Fring)

Thus, the main goal for every 40 above individual is to increase muscle mass and strength in the body. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Abhi Singh Thakur, certified fitness coach, shared, “The best method is resistance training. Simply understood as putting load on the muscles. Anyone can start with the basic bodyweight calisthenics exercise which can be easily done in the park or at home with minimum equipment. Exercises such as pushups, squats, chin-ups, chair dips, and planks are a few examples. Do each exercise for 3 sets of 10 reps and try to increase the reps every week, known as progressive overload. This way your body will keep getting stronger.”

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He added, “If you are overweight and want to lose some kilos, then walking is your best friend. do 10k steps daily with a workout on an alternative day. you can also play any sport which you like on weekends or on days when you feel like not working out. it will act as a cardio which will keep your heart healthy with fun element activities like swimming, cycling, badminton, football, jogging, etc. before you start any workout, start slow as such 20 minutes per day. give more time to long warm-ups and cool down which will save you from injuries. Remember to always workout under a certified fitness professional and consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine if you have any medical condition.”

Asserting that you need to be mindful of your changing body and take care of it the right way, Miten Kakaiya, fitness coach and Founder of Miten Says Fitness, shared some fitness tips to keep in mind if you’re over 40:

1. More Reps, Lighter Weight - It’s human to want to lift as heavy as you can, but once you’re over 40, you can’t just lift the same way as you would when you were 25. You can risk an injury which takes longer to heal too. If you do want to increase intensity, increase your reps and workout volume, and that should be challenging enough!

2. Form Takes Priority - Incorrect form is a one way street to injury. And if you’re injured, there’s no way you can workout. Please focus on your form and your breathing and drink a lot of water between sets. Be reasonable with your body, and if you’re struggling, consider hiring an expert or a trainer who will guide you towards success.

3. Mix It Up - Consistency is the name of the game, but it’s important to have fun too. Keep your workouts interesting by throwing in a variety of activities in addition to lifting weights. You could play sports, swim, indulge in cardio, do yoga or just go for hikes – whatever works for you. Each one will help boost your stamina and flexibility and ensure you get fitter, stronger and healthier!

4. Stock Up On Supplements - Post 40, it’s important to be proactive and not reactive with your health, and it’s a proven fact that supplements make you healthier. So stock up on vitamins, minerals, omega 3s and proteins, all of which will help you greatly. They will aid your recovery, give you more strength and help you sleep better too. Recovery is just as important as the hours you spend in the gym, so make sure you consult an expert and get the right balance of supplements for your mind and body.

5. Rest Longer. Recover Better - Speaking of recovery, remember your goal is to stay fit, not abuse your body. Take a couple of days off a week, release the pent up stress and fatigue and let your body heal so that it can serve you longer and make sure you get at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night!

Exercise keeps your body healthy and adds many more years to your life and it makes your muscles and bones stronger too along with reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. For someone over 40, it’s advised to spend 5-6 hours on exercise a week as it helps you look younger.

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