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Sounds of the Cosmos

German electronic dance DJs and producers, Cosmic Gate aka Nic Chaggall and Bossi play in Mumbai tonight.
Hindustan Times | By Naomi Canton, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 08, 2010 02:59 PM IST

German electronic dance DJs and producers, Cosmic Gate aka Nic Chaggall and Bossi play in Mumbai tonight.

This is the first time you are performing in India, right? So, what do you know about the clubbing scene here?
Yes, it’s our first time in India. We have heard a lot of good things about the Indian crowd and the clubbing scene in general. Smirnoff Experience is offering us the chance to play in three different cities, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, so we can’t wait and hope to see a lot of clubbers at our gigs that we can party with.

You specialise in electronic dance music. Do you know of any Indian electronic dance music DJs?
Unfortunately, we don’t know too many acts or DJs from India, but we know of our label colleagues. Mumbai DJs Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi from Lost Stories (progressive trance DJs – editor) who create a great sound! We are sure that the Smirnoff Experience Tour will give us more contacts to some Indian DJs and producers. We also think that the beautiful country of India that we only know from TV and our friends, will give us a lot of positive energy and inspiration for future productions as well.

You reached No. 19 in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs in 2009. Before that you were No. 43. Has your music changed after reaching such heights?
We felt really honoured to be the highest climbers in the DJ Mag poll last year, as the DJ Mag vote is the most important one for sure. For us this is a reason to work even harder and feature even higher on the list this year. But we didn‘t change our attitude towards our music to become more popular. We always produce the music we love and would like to hear ourselves. Our music changes with us, and we think that change is essential to stay original.

Do your albums contain your own original music, or are they all remixes and productions of other artistes?
We are not just DJs but also producers. So our own artiste albums of course contain our original productions. But we also have our compilation series Back 2 Back, for which we mix the latest remixes and productions of our fellow DJs with our own edits, to give the people something like a club-set to experience at home.

In India, you will be playing at a five star hotel, The Renaissance in Powai, rather than a nightclub. Will that affect your performance?
I’m sure that the hall we will be playing at will be prepared and decorated like a club. We have played in some very different kinds of venues over the years, outdoors and indoors, and it doesn’t really affect the way we play. Much more important is the audience in front of us and how they react.

Tell us about how you met. What were each of you doing musically when you had a chance meeting at a label office in Cologne in 1998? How do you split roles on stage now?
We had both been in the electronic music business before with our solo projects and it was more of a fun idea to produce a track together than a concrete decision. We had no idea that it would become such a success and that we would be touring more than 10 years later still together as Cosmic Gate. We are very democratic, so we take all our decisions together and don’t have to spilt roles on stage.

You released the album Sign of the Times in 2009, which was your fourth album, and your most recent. Are you coming out with any new album soon?
There will be a new single very soon. And the next album is also already being planned, maybe even for release this year. But we can’t tell you more than that. Just stay put, have a glance at our website and be prepared.

If a reader was to buy one album or one single from you, which would you recommend?
This is a question we can’t answer. All our productions are like our kids and you can’t put one of your children above the other, could you?! But for someone who has never heard our music, it might be best to start with the most recent album, which is Sign of The Times, and then he could go back in time and listen to the others.

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