The image has now prompted people to share all sorts of comments.(Facebook/@Stephanie Brown)
The image has now prompted people to share all sorts of comments.(Facebook/@Stephanie Brown)

Boy befriends a baby deer while playing outside. Their adorable pic wows people

“How cute is this!” wrote a Facebook user while commenting on the post.
By Trisha Sengupta
PUBLISHED ON JAN 29, 2021 08:25 AM IST

Kids are great. Animals are great. A friendship between kids and animals? You guessed it – it’s great. Case in point, this post about two unlikely friends, a four-year-old boy and a baby deer. Shared on Facebook by the kid’s mom, the post is now winning people over. There is a possibility that it will fill your heart with a warm feeling too.

Stephanie Brown took to Facebook to share a picture of this beautiful friendship with the world. “Dominic really went outside and brought a deer back,” Brown wrote while sharing the image.

Brown’s family, originally from Westmoreland County, was visiting Massanutten where the incident took place, reports NBC12. It was on the last day of their trip when the 4-year-old kid named Dominic went outside to play and came back with a new friend, the deer.

“I see him and the baby deer standing next to each other almost to come inside!! I was completely shocked! I froze for a second because I literally didn’t know what to do!” she told NBC12. She further says that that's when she captured the super sweet picture.

“After I got the picture I asked Dominic to walk his new friend back to the woods so his mommy could find him,” she added.

Take a look at the image:

Since being shared, the post has been re-shared over 23,000 times. People also shared all sorts of comments on the post. Most were elated to see the happy image.

“Wow this kid is amazing and he is definitely trust worthy, or maybe it was all that cuteness overload the lil deer had no choice but to meet his parents,” shared a Facebook user. “Guess he said since I can't have a dog I'll just have a deer,” joked another. “How cute is this!” said a third.

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