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Foreign varsities wooing Indian students

From permanent residence to work permit foreign countries are doing everything to lure Indian students, Pragya Rashmi and Srishti Jha present a clear picture.
Hindustan Times | By Pragya Rashmi and Srishti Jha, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 29, 2009 12:43 PM IST

Education hubs across the world are luring Indian students these days. Almost over a decade ago, the only destinations for Indians seeking a foreign education were United States, Australia, and a few heading to Britain. But the scenario has changed now, with New Zealand, Russia, Germany, Canada emerging as knowledge factories the world is their oyster.

Top management schools in Switzerland, business schools in France, medical colleges in countries running different popular courses have targeted Indian student.

Immigration becomes easy
What is making these universities to enroll more foreign students? The reason is the money that the foreign students are required to pay to these universities, which is often twice or 3 times the fees of local students for the same course.

These Universities have always been keen to take foreign students but initially immigration process was not as transparent and liberal as today, and they were reluctant to hand out too many student visas to foreigners. But today the numbers of these institutions are mushrooming up with each passing year.

Australia and New Zealand have few major advantages over all the other countries. One of them is the system of issuing visa, which is transparent and safer. For instance, if the student has obtained admission in a reputed college and has sufficient funds to finance his stay, he is never denied the visa. This gives these two countries an edge over the others.

Better deal
Permanent residence, work permit besides an international exposure are some of the strong reasons that are attracting Indian students and above all easy admission in a good college abroad makes the option more alluring. “If I get through CAT I will remain in India. Otherwise I may join MBA in Australia,” says Jyoti Johar, student, pursuing BBA.

There are around 900 MBA programmes in India but very few of them guarantee a good job, and the seats availability in these institutes is very low. In that case those who fail to get there are bound to look beyond Indian shores.

India a good market
As there is a small percentage of Indian students who can afford to pay that exorbitant sum, it can be realised that there is a market in India and Banks providing education loans have expanded the number of such substantial students. For instance, in Canada the number of Indian students has risen from 300 to 3,000.

“India is a good market because there is more emphasis on education and they are eager to spend liberally on their education,’ informs Richard, career consultant.

Desi college foreign degree
There are many universities in India going with the flow. Increasingly, Indian students have been enrolling for courses of foreign universities in Indian colleges. Skyline, Wigan & Leigh College are the few colleges, which provide students the opportunity to complete their last semester in foreign universities under students exchange programme.

These students are at a greater advantage as they get to do international projects. There are many more following the same league.

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