Shilpa Shetty birthday: 5 times the Yoga addict told us to ‘Shut Up & Bounce'

Updated on Jun 08, 2021 02:06 PM IST
  • Happy birthday, Shilpa Shetty: As the diva turns 46 but looks no older than 26, here are some of the Yoga exercises and 'Swasth Raho, Mast Raho' tips that she encouraged in the past which we believe are responsible for her ageing like fine wine
Shilpa Shetty birthday: 5 times the Yoga addict told us to ‘Shut Up & Bounce'(Instagram/simplesoulfulapp)
Shilpa Shetty birthday: 5 times the Yoga addict told us to ‘Shut Up & Bounce'(Instagram/simplesoulfulapp)
ByZarafshan Shiraz

Fans on social media can vouch for her “Mindful Yogi” skills and those of a “Wellness Influencer” hence, when Shilpa Shetty Kundra drops a new fitness video or motivation twice every week, we are inspired to roll out our Yoga mats and hit the grind. On her 46th birthday this Tuesday, we are pretty sure that it is her active lifestyle that she lives by her famous philosophy of 'Swasth Raho, Mast Raho' (Stay Healthy, Stay Happy) which is the reason behind her youthful looks which refuse to age.

Apart from her healthy twist to recipes and fashion cues, Shilpa’s fitness advices or wellness push cater a large audience digitally that range from working women and men to young mothers and even youngsters. Having pledged to spread awareness about holistic wellness by encouraging a healthy lifestyle modification, the Bollywood superstar regularly offers easy-to-do yoga asanas and exercises to maintain a healthy balance in life and as the diva turns 46 but looks no older than 26, here are 5 times the Yoga enthusiast told us to “Shut Up & Bounce” in a healthy way which we believe is responsible for her ageing like fine wine.

1. Peppy leg workout

Shilpa began this week by giving a peppy spin to “killer leg workout” during an “open and close squat challenge” where she showed fitness freaks how to turn Monday into “funday” and that is exactly the energy we need “to break the monotony” and sweep aside weekday blues.

These not only tone the body, melt belly fat and increase stability and strength but also manage chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Even though the leg muscles are large and take too long to show the workout results, it is important to target them with exercises at least once a week to reap serious health rewards.

2. Mental positivity and stress release with Virabhadrasana

Motivating fans to keep a check on mental health amid the many “unsettling things happening all around us”, Shilpa showed how to bust stress with Yoga’s Warrior Pose I or Virabhadrasana I. While boosting the immunity is essential, having mental ‘nutrition’ is of utmost importance as well and Shilpa was seen rooting for the same last week in ‘Shilpa Ka Mantra’.

It not only stimulates the metabolism and restores the spine but also helps in releasing the stress out of frozen shoulders almost immediately, strengthens and tones the lower back muscles, along with the muscles in arms and legs and also improves body balance. However, it is best to avoid this exercise in case of a knee or hip injury as the practice of this pose may make the tissues around the hips and the knees tear if one is injured.

3. Focusing on the second brain or ‘gut feeling’ with Mandukasana or Yoga’s Frog Pose

To dispell negativity, Shilpa was seen performing Yoga exercise Mandukasana earlier, which focuses on “second brain” and brings in positive energy. According to her, it is “a very important asana as it focuses on your navel centre, which also happens to be your life-force centre called the second brain” since “it has the ability to give you the energy to combat all weaknesses. That’s why they say, “Go with your gut feeling” (sic).”

From opening the practitioner’s mind and reducing blood sugar levels to working on the pancreas, this exercise helps in improving the flexibility and mobility of the knee and ankle joints. The frog pose also helps reduce fat from thighs, belly and hips which explains the reason behind Shilpa’s enviable figure.

4. 'Tune out' in chaos with Yoga’s Padmasana or lotus pose

Delivering a message of hope after seeing “complete strangers helping people desperately in need” of Covid resources, Shilpa inspired fans to “tune out for a while” amid chaos with Yoga’s Padmasana or lotus pose. This came after the healthcare systems across Indian states collapsed in April amid the alarming spike in Covid-19 cases and death but a heartwarming and incredibly overwhelming gesture came from the youth who got down to verify and deliver oxygen cylinders or refills, medicines, tiffins for patients, hospital beds and update on other resources.

Encouraging even those who felt helpless and could do nothing, Shilpa stated, “If we can do something for someone, we definitely must! But if not, don’t panic excessively. Tune out for a little while, inhale deeply, and believe that it will get better from here.” Though Padmasana opens the hips, stretches the feet and ankles, helps promote good posture and maintain flexibility in one’s gluteal muscles along with the deep rotator muscles of hips, it should not be performed by those who have knee injury or any form of injury in the ankle or calf or those suffering from any back or spine discomfort or suffering from sciatica infections or weakness in the sciatic nerves.

5. Yoga’s ‘Gatyatmak Utthita Padahastasana, leading to Naukasana’ to not ‘fall prey to the effects of restricted movements’ amid the Covid-19 lockdown

This motivation came as the coronavirus cases spiked at an alarming speed in India where it was more crucial than ever to strengthen our immunity while taking basic hygiene very seriously. Giving a glimpse of her own fitness routine which she toughened up then, Shilpa shared the video featuring her working out in her garden and choosing to do the Gatyatmak Utthita Padahastasana, leading to Naukasana to keep her muscles and joints flexible and agile, while tending to her immunity.

She insisted, “This flow helps build core strength, stretches the hamstring, tones the abs muscles, and strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders, & thighs (sic).” However, she cautioned fans to only stretch as much as their body permits.

If you thought that Shilpa Shetty Kundra had enough responsibilities from upcoming movie shoots to managing a Yoga app named ‘Simple Soulful App by Shilpa Shetty’, recipe book, vegetable gardening or fitness DVDs, wait till you see her juggle more with uncanny ease. The multi-talented diva also owns a clothing line ‘DreamSS’ that promises “comfortable and fashionable” womenwear which she launched last year in lockdown and we are sure there is no stopping here in the next 46 years to come.

Here’s wishing Shilpa Shetty Kundra the most ‘swasth’ and ‘mast’ birthday ever!

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