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On World Environment Day, reflecting on the role of sustainable architecture

Published on Jun 05, 2024 11:58 AM IST

With building and construction industry, responsible for 37% of global green house emissions, the need for green practices has never been more paramount.

Practices pertaining to this doctrine such as access to natural light, fresh air, and green spaces have helped improve the mental and physical health of its inhabitants.

Bring that Bridgerton glamour into your home décor!

The beautiful OTT aesthetic is all about ruffles, flounce and flirty design in home interiors, and it's in demand!

Rich hues, regency-style furniture are some of the elements making for the popular 'Bridgerton' home aesthetiic (Shutterstock)
Updated on Jun 04, 2024 04:31 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Quiet luxury trend: Fashion your home décor on this old money aesthetic

After conquering runways, the quiet luxury trend is ready to take over your homes with muted but modish curations, and beauty beyond branding

HT Image
Updated on May 30, 2024 05:37 PM IST

Add sunshine to your home with these expert-approved summer decor tips

From bringing natural elements in your home to using accessories for a pop of colour in your decor, interior designer Juhi Jaiswal Chaubey shares her ideas

Bring in Summer with your decor (Instagram)
Published on May 28, 2024 04:08 PM IST
ByAbigail banerji

Strawberry teapots, ice cream-pink walls: Food is driving the home décor demand

The culinarycore trend, which incorporates the colours, shapes and textures of food in interior design, is all about comfort and fun.

Fruit design teapots and food-themed walls are part of the culinarycore trend ((L) Shutterstock, (R) Unsplash)
Published on May 22, 2024 12:05 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Wall art trends that liven up your home space

Dress up the wall with these eye-catching frames.

Wall art paintings or prints add vibrancy and a sense of cool into walls (Pexels)
Published on May 10, 2024 04:04 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Vanilla Girl to Mob Wife: Home décor is taking inspo from TikTok trends

Those soft white dresses, warm knits and rich, opulent coats are transitioning into the home space. What will you go for?

Home décor trends are going the TikTok fashion way (Pexels)
Updated on Apr 30, 2024 05:30 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Add a water fountain to your home for a natural relaxation therapy

From bamboo fountains and table-top fountains to pondless waterfalls, it lends itself to several home décor ideas.

Water fountains make for eye-catching décor and add a soothing touch to any space (Shutterstock)
Published on Apr 18, 2024 03:15 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

How to decorate a biophilic's dream home with sustainable decor and greenery

With touches of greenery, and the addition of natural elements and living plants, create spaces in your home where Nature can thrive this summer

Allow natural light to enter your home(Instagram)
Published on Apr 12, 2024 12:56 PM IST
ByAbigail banerji

Eid home decor ideas: Introduce crescent moon-themed metal pieces

This Eid, use the refinement and beauty of metal objects with crescent moon themes to elevate your home décor

Change your home for the festival by incorporating metal elements with a crescent moon theme
Published on Apr 11, 2024 06:15 PM IST
ByShweta Sunny

Summer spruce-up! Tips to make your home look light and refreshed

From the walls to cushions, curtains and plants, here are décor ideas to give your living space a pretty, hot season makeover.

Transform your home into a soothing oasis in the hot season with a few décor tips(Shutterstock)
Published on Apr 09, 2024 02:42 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Beautiful décor tips for your alfresco summer party

From blooms to vibrant crockery, here's how to elevate the summer gathering in ways your friends will love.

Elevate your summer gathering with smart décor tips (Shutterstock)
Published on Apr 04, 2024 02:33 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

5 Elements that create a relaxing bathroom

Transform the space into a beautiful refuge using a few design changes.

Create a tranquil ambience in the bathroom using a few easy ideas(Pexels)
Published on Apr 03, 2024 04:20 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Use the Cafécore trend to make your home as cosy as the coffee shop

With nuances of brown and orange, brick walls and coffee grinders, bring a lil of your comfy café indoors!

The Cafécore trend is about using colours and design touches to evoke the cosiness and comfort of the café in your home or office (Shutterstock)
Updated on Apr 16, 2024 02:30 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Does your home have a stylish checkerboard design?

The retro home décor trend is making waves in 2024. Get set for a black and white revival.

Striking black and white checkerboards are big on the home design front this year.. (Shutterstock)
Published on Mar 26, 2024 03:46 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

An all-inclusive guide to decorating your home for Holi

Whether you are hosting a small family gathering or a big long weekend party, introducing a thematic touch of Holi into your home can elevate your decor game.

Most of the decor can be switched with completely sustainable and organic alternatives which you can also flaunt all year round and avoid sending them to the landfill after single use.
Published on Mar 22, 2024 02:31 PM IST

Seven ways to bring natural light into rooms

From glass ceiling windows, light sheer curtains, full-length glass sliders to neutral-toned walls, here's how you can easily bring natural light into your home

Opt for light hues for your walls to amplify the natural radiance
Updated on Mar 19, 2024 06:18 PM IST
ByShweta Sunny

Riken Yamamoto has been named the winner of the 2024 Pritzker Architecture Prize

Yamamoto’s architectural philosophy is based on community integration and the harmonious coexistence of public and private spaces.

Yamamoto will be formally honored at a ceremony in Chicago, Ill., in the summer of 2024. Public on May 16. Illinois Institute of Technology’s S. Chicago Architecture Center.
Published on Mar 15, 2024 01:02 PM IST

How rugs are witnessing a contemporary shift

The carpet industry is witnessing a shift towards bolder color palettes and dynamic prints.

Through a harmonious fusion of artistic ingenuity and contemporary design principles, rugs have seamlessly integrated into a myriad of settings.
Published on Mar 06, 2024 11:55 PM IST

A mirror wall to create visual interest by blending modern and Victorian eras

When strategically placed, mirrors can enhance the depth perception of the room to make it look larger than it is.

Causing people to stop and stare(Instagram)
Published on Mar 06, 2024 06:05 PM IST
ByAbigail banerji

Bookshelf Wealth is a top interior design trend for 2024!

It describes not just the display of books, but a whole vibe that denotes a well-lived, affluent life.

Well-explored, stylish and affluent is how you might describe Bookshelf Wealth, a top home décor trend for 2024 (Pexels)
Updated on Mar 06, 2024 06:25 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Décor: Give your home a botanical makeover

Associating nature with interior design trends is hot on the home décor list this year.

Go with the botanical home décor trend that is soothing as well as aesthetically-pleasing (Pexels)
Published on Mar 04, 2024 06:34 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

How to aesthetically arrange fresh flowers in a vase at home like a pro florist

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can learn to make floral arrangements that are cute, aesthetic and will last a long time in your vase at home

The lifespan of a beautiful vase of flowers can be extended with the right care(Instagram)
Published on Feb 27, 2024 11:07 PM IST
ByAbigail banerji

Red alert! Take your decor game to the next level

Looking to revamp your home? Hop on the ‘unexpected red theory’ trend and let the colour do its magic.

Own a red lamp, rug, or a coffee table that’s waiting for a much-needed paint job? Bring together all the red items and find a place where they can stand out.
Published on Feb 20, 2024 05:13 PM IST

How to plan an Insta-worthy aesthetic Galentine's Day party

For this Valentine's Day, if you plan on spending it with people who love you unconditionaly, throw your girl gang a party they will always remember

A Galentine's Day sit-down meal is incomplete without flowers, ribbons and cute tableware (Instagram)
Published on Feb 14, 2024 10:18 PM IST
ByAbigail banerji

Spruce up your home with these Valentine's Day décor ideas

Create an inviting and beautiful ambience using a few easy touches with red, white and pink this Valentine's Day

Incorporate red cushions and throws or just have a single red cushion with a white heart accent on it(Photo: Shutterstock)
Published on Feb 11, 2024 10:10 PM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Valentine's Day 2024: We heart these romantic home décor ideas

Create an inviting and beautiful ambience using a few easy touches with red, white and pink.

Make it a Valentine's Day to remember if you call your partner over on February 14 (Shutterstock)
Updated on Feb 09, 2024 08:07 AM IST
By Ismat Tahseen

Shah Rukh Khan reacts to Sumit Aroraa’s 'Baap se baat kar' poster

Posting it on the social media platform, Arora captioned it, “When your dialogue becomes part of your home decor.. #Jawan.”

The frame showed Shah Rukh Khan's image emblazoned with the popular dialogue from the movie, “Baap se baat kar.”
Published on Feb 01, 2024 11:55 PM IST

Exploring Ram Mandir’s Nagara temple architecture

This style includes subdivisions based on Shikhara shapes and often features circum-ambulatory passages, halls, and richly decorated murals.

The Shikhara, symbolizing the cosmos, is crowned with an 'Amalaka' or 'Kalash'.
Published on Jan 29, 2024 12:47 AM IST

The Stanley Cup trend enters the Indian drinkware market

With the original cup being priced starting at Rs. 7,000 in India on Amazon, demand for lookalikes has soared.

Chances are you may have seen the cup making headlines or watching singer Adele sip from it during The Late Late Show with James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke.
Published on Jan 26, 2024 12:07 AM IST
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